Monday, September 08, 2008

You'll see some of my items going out forsale from my separated XYL. To some extent it's wierd seeing 16 years of stuff I've bought being sold. But that's the way it goes....
  • The difference is that I would buy a dead rig that looked MINT and then hope to run across a dog so I could switch the insides out. Many were missing either power cords or microphones, or both, and she references an old name "CBGAZETTE" which in my thoughts, makes the buyer willing to trust everything is for sale (heck, I didn't even have time to test most of them for that matter.) With books and similar items, you don't have to worry if it works or not. But on others, you should ask questions like:
  • Does it have a microphone?
  • Does it have a power cord?
  • Have you tested all the channels? if a sideband radio, is LSB and USB both working?
  • If it's a microphone: what is it wired for and does it work
  • So you get the idea. I just don't want you getting stuck, or her with a ton of refunds. If you scroll back to '98 or so you'll see when I was selling of that account, but she wanted to sell some other stuff and I started my own, which is not related to Collectmenots.