Wednesday, December 29, 2010




Time has flown by these last few months, hope you're enjoying the Holidays, and perhaps some DX. I haven't had the chance since my last post to check conditions, and where I used to check every day, I didn't get around to it until last week (the day of the eclipse). Still moving stuff, and while we didn't have any snow - we did get a cold, windy Christmas!
Last week was slow, with very few calls but a lot of walk-in traffic. A virus had done something to wreck the boot record so the computer couldn't boot. My Boss had me type in two separate commands and it was back in business. I wrote those commands down and circled them on my scratch pad I carry with me.
Yesterday I visited someone whose Daughter had run a file called Xmas.exe, and shortly afterwards he was left with a blinking cursor on his laptop. After trying the usual stuff I was about ready to tell him I'd have to take it back to the shop when I remembered those two commands. I had a disk to get me to the system and ran the two commands and it booted to Windows fine. After the boot, I used the usual stuff to eradicate the Trojan. Good thing I wrote those down eh?