Sunday, May 31, 2009

While I can't keep track of every broken or non-tested piece of equipment I have, this one:

just got put up, and if you want something that DOESN'T work, this rig is for you! Chalk it up to an ex who doesn't know a thing about radio stuff!!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The soon-2-be ex has realized that belly dancing alone won't make ends meet, and in a blatant snubbing of the temporary divorce orders is selling off my stuff.
A word to the wise: BE CAREFUL!!! The almost-ex had virtually no knowledge of radios, much less what did or didn't work (no matter how pretty it looked).
If you are a bidder, be sure to ask: Does it come with the AC or DC cords? (if not, consider it D.O.A.), but there's more:
  • If it has the cords (and are the correct ones), was it powered up and tested? (answer: No. She doesn't know a Dummy Load from a linear amp)
  • If it receives, does it transmit? (See my reply above)
  • If it has no cords, how can it be in excellent condition??
  • Does it come with a microphone? (If not, how was it tested)
  • Is it missing tubes or other parts (only I know that)
  • Just because it "Smells new" doesn't mean it will work
  • If it's a microphone, was it tested? If so, what is it wired for?
  • If it's Am/SSB, did she test AM/LSB/USB (see my first reply)
  • If it's a meter or other test equipment, has it been tested to verify it works??
  • Does it come with a manual?

Basically, she's thrown out a bunch of equipment that she doesn't know if it works, if it's missing parts or tubes, or even has a pwr cord or microphone. And to be honest with you - many of these are project radios, either D.O.A. or with problems, that I planned to fix when I retired...vs. making a fast buck on the unaware.