Tuesday, October 07, 2014



The weather was good - a weak front had just passed through leaving temperatures in the low 80's with low humidity. We had a couple tables way in the back corner [not too far from Houston Amateur Radio Supply], and the parking lot was packed. After unloading the truck I drove outside to find a spot to park, which turned out to be a good stretch from the entrance, but before parking Robin called me about the prices on a Transoceanic and some other items. By the time I got back inside they were sold.

And that's the way it went the whole time we were there; a few moments to collect our thoughts and then the next wave of buyers were upon us. No complaints, but there weren't a lot of potential buyers walking around unlike other years.

I can remember aisles packed so full people could hardly stop to take a look at an item, but I also remember those times weren't especially productive - many "Tire Kickers" and few buyers whereas this past weekend had less tire kickers and more buyers than in recent years.

I meant to go outside and see the "Friz" but I couldn't get away from our tables, nor did I see Val or Steve this year, although it could have been that we were too busy to look up and see who was 50 or 100ft. away from our area.

One thing I did notice was the Belton group only had one of the large front openings open, and all of the side doors were closed creating a stagnant trap of air without the benefit of the breeze from outside. I heard it was because they were trying to keep people from sneaking inside without paying, but it made for some discomfort amongst those of us stuck behind our tables.

If you were there, I hope you had a good time...

'Nuff Said,