Sunday, April 08, 2007



Happy Easter on this chilly (at least for my part of Texas) day! I believe our temperature is in the 37-38 degree range, and we've had wave after wave of rain (some steady, other just steady drizzle), but it hasn't helped the yard/swamp situation. Before Saturday I still had puddles on top of puddles from the previous week's rains, now they're expanding to what looks like a scaled size of the "Great Lakes". Speaking of Saturday - What a change! Friday was one of those rare, GREAT days with low humidity, a nice breeze from the North, and a nice Blue sky. I woke up Saturday to clouds, rain, and the mid-40's. It may seem like I'm making a big deal out of this, but the usual Easter around here involves A/C, shorts, and lots of heat and humidity.


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