Friday, January 01, 2010


Considering how great the holiday week had been it came as no surprise that the last day/night of the year would not be any less - and it wasn't, thus this is the best holiday that I've ever had(with the exception of the one where I got that used Comstat 23, which started me down the path of two-way radio. 'Nuff Said).

While perusing various things to do on New Year's Eve, Robin came upon an interesting venue - Sugar Land's big New Years Eve extravaganza! What made this a bit different was that it was also the 50th Birthday party for the city. The heart of the event was at City Hall in an area paved with bricks, with places to hang out on either side of the no-car zone. Occasionally we'd duck into a warm area inside to get warmed up....

Outside there were street vendors, candy sculpturing, "stilt Dinosaurs" roaming about the many street performers. It was kinda windy and damp, but well worth the trip.

Here is a clip of the band performing on the steps of City Hall, complete with a great light show, and below, two clips of the fireworks lighting the sky of the New Year! (one clip pans away with a shot of the full moon, which was a moon that happens only every 19 years. Called a "Blue" moon, which is the rarity of having two full moon's in one month - but not real tinted blue).


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