Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Years ago there was either "NEW" or, "USED", followed by "REFURBISHED". "NEW" is basically the same, although you'll see a second version of it when it's described something like: "Brand NEW in the box blah-blah-blah radio! But, I opened the box to check everything out, and take these pictures. Oh! and don't mind the stain on the owners manual or slight scratch on the cabinet because it happened during my brief test of the rig".

"USED" however is a really crazy category! I've tried to write down the variations as I run across them, but I'm sure that there are some mutations of "USED" I haven't seen in the wild yet, but here they are:
  • Used
  • Briefly used
  • Gently used
  • Slightly used
  • Partially used (??)
  • Used, but needs a little TLC
  • Used. It's not really used but the box is open so I'm calling it "used".
  • Used once.
  • Used. Have owned for a year and only used it 5 hours.
  • Used, or? Estate sale find (pass)
  • Used -almost NEW.

So..........which "USED" do you buy?



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