Tuesday, February 12, 2013

[Another review before another is finished]

This one is easy though, it's the SIRIO 11/10 meter mobile antenna which has a PL-259 mount and is sold separately from it's magnet. I know you've heard for years (especially if you only started out in the late 80's that "WILSON" was THE brand if you wanted to get your signal out. I used a Wilson 1000 from the mid-80's until around 1995 when I was writing some stuff for "Copper Electronics" and they were sending me stuff to checkout. One of these was the antenna that soon became my choice, although it's name "Big-Bubba" didn't.

My SWR settings were as good or better than Wilson's, as were many of my contacts (you'll find my review of it on the website - pre-blogging you know), anyways I switched and bought a second one from a vendor on the West Coast and then they just dried up. To my misfortune, the last one I had was no longer to be - but I knew I'd find a clone of it some where else as I'd seen on back around 2004.

This decades old clone is by Sirio (Sirio 4000) [ed. - and famous for cloning decades old antennas]. Like the other two before it, sold separate from the mount. If you're more for mag mounts I wouldn't buy the Sirio. I'll take a guess and say it was as bad as the "Big Bubba" mag mount, and tell ya to buy Diamond's, or Wilson's mag mount with an SO-239 connection and let it go at that.

As you can see, just like the others, the SIRIO can be set at an angle or completely horizontal to fit into the garage. They make a variety of other antennas, including an interesting mobile 6m/2m that looks like a little brother of this one.

You can find these sold at many places like Amazon.com and Newegg.com, as well as several other places on the web.

'Nuff Said,