Thursday, July 11, 2019


Stateside you may or may not have heard of ML&S (Martin Lynch and Sons), however in the UK it's a different story. Recently, Martin did a quick review of RM Italy's BLA-600 solid-state amplifier. Very cool, but expensive.

If you're dying for some 11m DX and have about 5 hours to kill, take a listen to Skipgates post from 6/19/2019.

Jim, W6LG, talks about using Ferrite beads, common mode chokes, and correcting RFI in the shack.

If you're old enough to remember the TV show "Space 1999"  content publisher Shout Factory is releasing the entire series on Blu-Ray July 16th. But, why wait? They have episode 1 online now. (which I've followed since they began) has a new episode (54) of their Ham College series.

Finally, the latest episode from the No Net Net folks, where they talk to
KB3WUM, who has a shack. At work. 200' in the air.


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