Friday, December 13, 2019



It's already THAT time again. The time of the year where we reflect on the last 12 months and categorize stuff into groups that will ultimately find their way onto two lists: "Best" and "Worst" (of 2019). I find some tv commercial's pretty funny, with some of them actually qualified to make it onto my "Best of" list. 

One commercial character in particular, Allstate's "Mayhem", has tickled my funny bone throughout the years so I decided to preface the yearly list with one post, entirely devoted to him.

Portrayed by actor Dean Gerard Winters, "Mayhem" makes light of all sorts of serious claims that may be filed by policy holders each year. Winter's has other acting gigs on his resume like the role playing Ryan O'Reily on HBO's prison drama Oz, Tyler's father on the U.S. version of Life On Mars, and Sarah Connor's love interest in The Sarah Connor Chronicles

His character Mayhem was first introduced to viewers in 2010 and he will be entering his 10th year of mayhem shortly. 

Below, I've embedded several Christmas holiday themed commercials, several from 2019 finally ending with a 10-commercial homage to Mayhem found on YouTube...




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