Thursday, October 06, 2011


New virus out there (ZeroAccess). Usually if you see 31840211:354334.exe you've got it. Another tell-tale symptom: if your task bar turns white/gray, you've probably got it. Hard to remove. Combo-Fix, run 3-4 times in safe mode will usually do it, but because it infects/corrupts the TCP/IP stack, it may require a clean install of the OS.
Another new one I've seen is the "Open Cloud Anti-virus". Puts a nice fluffy blue cloud-looking icon on your desktop, but it's bad news.
DX really picking up. While listening (in-between calls) on 11m, I hear New England yakking with Africa, Germany, etc. I could barely hear the guy in Germany.
Keep yer Flash updates up to par, as well as your anti-virus software, and run Malwarebytes if the hairs on the back of yer neck stand up...

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