Monday, October 24, 2011


If you've been thinking about buying a new hard drive you'd better act fast. Due to flooding in Thailand (which accounts for 70% of the internal motors in all hard disks sold) several drive manufacturers have been closed and prices from distributors have already jumped about 30% (wholesale). This shortage is expected to continue through the first quarter of 2012.

I read several articles about a gigantic hole in Adobe Flash software which (to my knowledge) has not been patched, where malware on a website could activate the webcam on your PC/Laptop and monitor you without your knowledge. Because there are several fake update pop-ups out in the world, I would suggest going to the Adobe website and downloading the latest Adobe Reader and Flash updates directly, vs. clicking on an annoying update pop-up which may or may not be genuine.

Sunspots are all over the place with healthy numbers near, and occasionally above the 200 mark. I listen to it almost every day and find Texas in the middle of it all. I can hear the West coast and East coast very well, but not the stations across the ocean they are talking to (disappointing). Nonetheless, it beats no traffic at all and it's great to hear the East coast reaching into Europe and the Middle East.

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