Sunday, July 07, 2013


Product Specifications
  • Ultra reliable lithium ion battery with 11200mAh capacity at 5v output voltage
  • Will easily give you over a week of battery boosts for your device (with normal use)
  • 1 amp & 2 amp ports, charge two devices at the same time!
  • 50 hours of movie time for iPhone, iPod touch or 17 hours movie time for iPad 2
  • Compatible with:
    • All iPhones (E.g. Original, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S & 5)
    • All iPads (E.g. iPad 2, iPad 3, New iPad & Mini)
    • All iPods (E.g. Touch, Nano & Classic)
    • Most Android Devices (E.g. Galaxy 4, HTC One)
    • Most Blackberry & Windows Phone Devices
    • Other Stuff (Kindle, Nintendo DS, Sony PSP, and many more - Standard USB charging cable required)
  • Retractable USB cable included

  • No iPhone/iPad adapter is included because it works with the one you already have
  • Rubberized black finish
  • Batteries: Lithium ion (plug in to recharge)
  • DC transformer input: 100v-240v
  • Weight (main unit): 8.6 oz
  • Dimensions (main unit): 3 3/4 x 3 3/16 x 1
This little power pack supplied (up until last month), 9900mAh DC electricity to charge a variety of items). It's price was $69.99. For the same price, they've upped the amount of stored electricity to 11,200mAh. I own the 9900mAh model, and whether it be Zombies, Tornado's, Hurricanes, or whatever else you can thing of to shutdown power, it always helps to have a variety of "Energy Cells" around the house, or underground safe room to keep your devices charged. You can find it HERE, and, if you buy it before the end of the day you'll get 20% off the regular price!

While I've only owned the 9900mAh model for two months it's been very convenient to charge my dying iPad, iPhone, and Ham Radio HT with this device.

'Nuff Said,