Friday, June 07, 2019



"Sandbagging" (listening in on others without talking or making one’s presence known, for entertainment or for collection of information on others.), "Copying the mail" (listening with little, or No talking.), or "On the side" ( just listening), is one of the "Great American"
pastimes (although, if you were literally "copying the mail" the USPS would certainly disapprove). 

(Are you a "sandbagger"? Or, Do you know one?)

Well to continue, I was (insert one phrase from above) on 11m and came across some QSO's of interest....

Some guy on an AM frequency (27.285 MHz) was wondering what it meant when someone replied to a radio equipment for-sale post with nothing more than the word "Next", after someone had already replied with "Interested".

His buddy (no - NOT 'Good Buddy') replied that, before answering the question he had to interject how upset he was every time someone replied to an Ad with "Interested".

He said if someone was "interested" they should just contact the guy directly. It appeared to him that the guy, (and others who also typed "interested") were putting onus on the seller to ferret out each one and send them a personal text / email, when the whole purpose of the group posting was to make it easy to sell something. But, as he digressed, so have I...

Regarding "Next", as in what you'll see on many Facebook For Sale posts. This was a discussion on yet another SDR site and frequency. "What's up with that?" asked one fellow. Google had the answer -  'To let the seller know they are interested in the item if someone has already shown interest before them'.

(Without someone typing "Interested" beforehand it makes no sense to type "Next"), and for the guys that follow a Next with "Next-Next" or "Next-Next-Next" - No Comment.

Channel 6 (THE Super Bowl) has been around for decades, yet someone in the Mid-West apparently heard it yesterday for the first time and asked about it while on-the-air. A pileup ensued as many tried to educate him all at once.

Ch. 6 as heard on
I'll explain to others who may be in the dark about this channel, and why you hear them even in poor conditions.

Even if band conditions are sketchy these guys seem to use blunt-force trauma (many kw watts) to make their own opening. With good band conditions it's truly over kill, as observed the other day. Splatter box comes to mind. You might think that the FCC had already taken them "Down" but... Nope.

These guys run serious wattage and can only be compared to as Mini-AM Broadcasting stations (like the ones you listen to on your car radio). * [Also, Google "Keydown Contests" or, be lazy and click-on-that-link]

Haven't heard of it? Just Google "cb channel referred to as the Super Bowl" to find everything you didn't want to know, or, as previously written - "click on that link". And yes - I have heard this frequency referred to (many times) as "The Super Bowel").

On another SDR-site, on a different band, I listened to one guy trying to explain to another guy how a "Heat Pump" works. His explanation led to more questions (including me) which were quickly answered by everyone's best friend, "Google".

'Nuff Said,