Friday, January 17, 2020


I've been a bit dodgy on 2020 posts thus far so I thought I'd throw a few thought out on the text editor to see what stuck!

First of all, a shout out to Walcott Radio... If you've been reading this Blog in last 6 months or so you know that I bought a President Lincoln II+ via Amazon. The price was $249 w/free shipping + $21 sales tax. I did the wide-band mod myself and noticed (at the time) the menu function would give me an ERRxxx code from within the firmware, yet allowed the initial programming, but ultimately failed shortly thereafter. 

I'm in the process of sending it off for repair (HERE is where Walcott comes into play).

I really wanted another Lincoln II+ in the truck while waiting for the other one to get sent off so I thought it might be good to get one where a tech had already done the mod and checked out the radio before sending it out.

Walcott Radio had everything I wanted for a vg price. Without sales tax (vs. Amazon)the shipping charge was negated and the wide-band / tuneup was a mere $35 so I took the plunge. I pressed the "BUY" tab on Sunday night and by Mid-morning Monday I received their shipping notification. The radio arrived via USPS Priority on Wednesday and it's in the Dodge as I type. 

Included with the radio was a piece of paper detailing some of the menu functions as well as informing the buyer (me) about how the Clarifier setting in the menu would not be saved on a power up/down situation. It's just a small thing, but if I had known this via my purchase elsewhere I would not have wasted so much time on Google trying to figure it out, so a thumbs UP👍 to Walcott for letting a buyer know about it from the beginning.

You can quote me as being VERY happy with their price, service, and speedy shipping.

Changing directions, here are a few of my recent YouTube views...

Here is a review of the President Taylor CB by a young HAM/CBer named "Charlie", on his YouTube channel - "Charlies Shack".

As well, another of my favorite channels (DX Commander) recently posted a quick collection of moments taken from his 2019 videos.

'Nuff Said


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