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Most of us that are into radio are familiar with QSL cards. Normal use would be to confirm a contact, as well as to adorn the shack walls with the more interesting designs. Back in the heyday of CB radio it wasn't the best idea to send a DX contact your QSL card because talking over 150 miles (skip) was a big no-no as far as Uncle Charlie (FCC) was concerned.

For this reason, most of us got a P.O. Box, using it as an address over-the-air, bringing some comfort to the CB Pirates mind (I had my own P.O. Box at the age of 13). At CB Jamborees it was common to bring your QSL cards as swap them with others that you met eyeball-to-eyeball, and magazines like S9 had an entire section devoted to QSL cards, and their addresses.

I'm telling you this as a foundation to my "Freak'n amazing story".

Over the years, from time-to-time, I'll search listings on Ebay that have QSL card for sale in hopes of finding my old card, but never do (no, this story doesn't end with me finding my card but it's still amazing). This past Sunday I had some time on my hands so I took to Ebay as to continue me QSL search, and as usual I came up with zilch.

Suddenly a thought flashed across my brain - "Hey, maybe I should try Google". So off to their search engine I went and tried an image search for CB QSL cards in New England

There were a lot of hits, so I confined my search to "CB QSL cards from Connecticut" and in the second row I saw this card:


It wasn't my call sign, nor did I recognize it from my early days, but it was from my home town. The CB handle, the "Whopper", was like a wake-up-call-slap-in-the-face because I used to talk with him and his wife (Whopper Junior) all of the time, back in the late 60's and early 70's!

I lived close to the orange marker on the map, to the left side of Scitico and remember either hoofing or pedaling over to their "20" when I couldn't get a ride from my Dad. 

The odds of finding this on my first Google search were astronomical and just as huge as finding my own card would be. Perhaps it was placed there to remind me that nothing is impossible....

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