Friday, March 20, 2020



I've been keeping myself busy of late by refurbishing some of my Turner +3 microphones, occasionally watching news and/or videos on YouTube, and wanted to share some of this with you as we practice social distancing (I always have something tuned to the Triple Nickel but it's been very quiet)...

If, like me, you happen to have a bunch of resistors, capacitors, and other parts lying around it might be fun to build some KTKT (Kits To Kill Time). K7AGE has a lot of info-tainment to watch, so I've just selected a few of them for my blog post. Please select the link to see more.

How To Build An RF Sampler Box

How To Build A QRP Dummy Load


And, if you happen to have some old low pass filters around...

How to make a Ham Radio RF Dummy load using a Low Pass filter Conversion


Space Weather's Latest Forecast


The Blogger interface has been giving me some bother of late whenever I embed too much, so here is some recent stuff from my favorite channels (you know who they are)..


TWIT TV: Hams on Mac

Rusty Skull Productions: Hello....Are You Alright?

Fred In The Shed: Classic UK CB RADIO TALK, TODAY

Kevin, KB9RLW: Yuma Hamfest Walk Thru

PROClassic TV: "I SPY" Season 3

I'll be back with more, but... 

If you happen to have Xfinity cable and want to watch some movies (currently in Theaters), they have just started to offer some that you can rent for view on your TV. There are 3 of them right now (The Hunt, The Invisible Man, and Emma), but I'm fairly certain we'll see more as this Pandemic continues...



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