Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

My gosh, I'm sure you've been glued to the TV or Radio just like I have about this disaster known as "Katrina". As more pictures and video comes in, it's quite evident that it will be a long time before things will return to normal (if they ever can) along the Gulf coast states of Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi! I know the news seems to be slanted towards New Orleans (just like the Pre-Hurricane landing warnings were), but many people died and many more have yet to rescued with ongoing saga. Here in Houston, we have many center opened up and I wonder, now that they will have to move everyone from the New Orleans "Superdome", why someone here in Houston or on a larger scale from Austin, request that our former "Dome", the Astrodome, be opened up for people who can no longer afford hotel rooms, or for those being moved from the Superdome. The Astrodome would have A/C, fresh water and working plumbing in the Restrooms. Our prayers go out to our neighboring states to our East!

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