Wednesday, August 31, 2005

People are so with "New Technology", and I don't know how many times I've heard that CB is Soooooooo "Retro", everything is Cell phones and Internet Chat, but I was watching some more coverage of the Katrina disaster and at some point, the CNN anchor mentioned that rescue boats and helicopters were finding it was so hard, not knowing where the people were, or how to find them because Cell phones, House phones, etc. would not work, and I thought to myself "Geeez, if they had CB walkie-talkies, they'd be easy to hear on channel 9", but the thought came and went.
It was only later, when I was talking about various issues about Katrina with a buddy of mine (Yo Armando) and HE brought up the same issue and solution, that I realized that it wasn't just my CB obsessed mind (Armando isn't into CB or Ham Radio) and when the new technologies crumble, it's the older technology that can really save the day.....I know, nobody wants to buy a CB or CB walkie-talkie these days, but you know - it really could have helped.
'Nuff Said

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