Tuesday, January 31, 2006

FEB. 1st, 2006 'Nuff Said
(part one)
Sheez! Already the first month of the new year is gone....where'd it go? And unless something happens in the next couple weeks as far as winter weather, I guess we're not having a winter this year (I'll be mowing the lawn in about 2-3 weeks).
"Steven Seagal" - When you hear that name, I'm sure you think like I do (Under Siege, Above the law, etc.). Most of his recent movies have been direct to video (and not all that bad). But what about "Songs from the crystal cave"??


Yes indeed, Seagal put out a music CD last year (available as an import). I ran across it while looking up some of his movies on DVD on Amazon. The positive reviews got my finger hitting that "ADD TO CART" button and I have to say, he's not half bad. Nothing earth shattering, and it's a mix of music from around the world, but he plays lead guitar, some drums, lead vocals, wrote the songs, etc.


For those of you who have just discovered either my Blog, or my website, or both..... Here's a few tips for EBAY purchasing:

What ISN'T "Rare"

  • Lafayette Comstat 35B
  • Courier 23 (the all chrome rig)
  • Astatic D104's
  • Turner Plus 3's, Plus 2's, and "Super Sidekick"
  • Yaesu FT-101's
  • Cobra 2000's
  • E.F. Johnson 250, and the 223
  • Radio Shack TRC-457, 458, 490, 459, 30
  • Lafayette Radio catalogs from 1965-1974
  • Cobra 135, 139, 140, 142, 148 (gtl/xlr's)
  • Teaberry "Stalkers" (all flavors)
  • Tram D201/201a

Vintage, yes...rare, no. Of course it's up to you whether or not you want to spend the bux, just be careful - some of those prices are really spiked!!


Which brings me to andale.com - if you're in the buying mood, it's worth the $6/month to take advantage of their research database. If you are interested in a Cobra 2000, you just type it into their search line and it will come back with an average price over a six month period (I think that's correct) to give you an idea if the item you're looking at is a good price. If not....move on. Another will show up sooner than later. You can also use this search function to determine what is rare and what isn't. For instance, if you plug in the name of a rig and it only comes back with one "hit", then it's not readily available.

What is "RARE"

  • Catalog's
  • Some CB Magazines
  • ARF-2001 with the frequency counter
  • Stoner Pro40
  • Stoner Pro10
  • Robyn SB540




Recent E-Bay auction:

Lafayette Dynacom 40 walkie-talkie pair fetched over $400!!


Well, you've wasted some perfectly good QSO time reading PART ONE, but I hope something struck a cord with you -

'Nuff Said



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