Friday, January 20, 2006

Greetings to one and all in 2006 !! Well, this year certainly started off in on a down note: As you know from a previous post we got our bonuses at the very end of December and there was still a week of Holiday vibes to enjoy, but right after that came "Black Friday", when they canned 6 out of 8 managers at one location and then the Director of our lab (pretty shocking).
If you've been around as long as me (or longer) you know the drill:
  • Rumors run rampant about who is next to go
  • Policies are changed
  • Organizations are re-orged (like mine was)

So what was a Woody to do?

  • Buy some whiskey (Crown Royal "Special Reserve", and this stuff is smooooooth.
  • Wonder what a kind a job an almost 50 year old guy can get
  • Drown my sorrows in Whiskey and E-Bay


But thanks to Lance Mosley, I was awakened to the fact I hadn't posted any new words of wisdom since December....So let's look at one good reason to celebrate 2006 - it's that much closer to the next sunspot cycle, and I'm pretty excited about that. I'm also excited that my child support payments end in about 5 months. So let's look at what I've been buying:

  • Used Icom 706's (owners are chomping at the bit to get the new IC-7000)
  • Some new QRP equipment that I can use during lunchtime (I'm going to get back into CW again)
  • Vintange CB's, Catalog's, Walkie-Talkies, etc.
  • Test equipment
  • And much, much more.


One of the nicest pieces I picked up was a Courier Plus Base station (picture will be posted this weekend). Believe me when I say this is the cleanest 60's rig I've run across!



Thanks to the re-org, I'll now be able to take a vacation!! (Woo-hooo), so I'm making my plans for some new antenna installations and upgrading my website to a server with a lot more space, and resuming the "Forsale" page. And last but not the most pleasant, yard work. We've had one of the warmest winters in recent memory so things are still growing.


Okay, I'll get back into the swing of the "Blog", just wanted to jot a few things down -

'Nuff Said


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