Saturday, September 02, 2006

I've noticed lately (as you probably have) new descriptive words for auctions...
  • "MINTY" [This could have several meanings, as in "That drink was 'Minty'...", but of course it doesn't]. It now refers to a radio that is not quite "MINT", a rig that, if you squinted your eyes, would seem almost mint - or "MINTY". It is slightly annoying, but not as much as our next new word.
  • "TRICKED" [We all know what a "Trick" can be, including prostitution slang]. But now there seem to be a ton of auctions advertising "Tricked" radios. Tricked radios are rigs that have been messed with internally, but to what extent we aren't privy to. I could be just a tune-up, or a clarifier modification, or a talkback addition, or the VERY EVIL/NEVER SHOULD BE DONE modulation limiter circuit clipping, or even worse - A monkey with a screwdriver turning and twisting whatever it can, inside the radio [I like a well intentioned monkey, but evil monkey's are on my "Avoid-at-all-cost" list]. So should you buy a "Tricked" rig?? That's up to you to decide. As for me, I prefer the radio "Stock", with one exception - an opened clarifier.

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