Sunday, January 25, 2009

"WHAT'S THAT I HEAR...........SKIP?"
Damn!! There's some SKIP out there today!! not loud, not strong, but they're trying. I'm hearing Georgia and Florida mostly, and apparently, they are catching the West Coast and not Texas, but nonetheless, it's great to hear something other than static.
Speaking of dropping me an e-mail, I did get one from another "Brian". Here's his report -

We are getting sporadic skip into TampaBay from the North East, and Texas. I think we must have a hardwire to Texas, as it is almost at will in the afternoon hours, into early evening

Enjoy reading your Blogs, hope everything works out for the better. I especially like your trips down memory lane, talking about your early days, and the different radios you have had/used….reminds me of me.

Fwiw…I have a fairly nice collection of stuff also…….

In the Shack:
2 Cobra 2000’s, a Magnum S9, a Magnum 257 (50 watt), a Siltronix 1011D with matching freq counter, a Kenwood TS-440SAT with the PS-50 power supply and the MC-60 mic & a Heathkit SB-220, a very nice Cherokee AH-100 with all of the optional extras, half a dozen Turner Plus 3’s, and 2 Plus 3B’s

In the mobile I have the Magnum S9 with a mint condition Turner Road King 76 (I also have 4 or 5 extra RK 76’s in very nice condition, all working, I collect these if you know of any)

On the shelf in the garage I have 10 GE 35979 40 channel walkie talkies, all kinds of assorted meters, speakers, and mics, a real nice Palomar TX-75, and a very, very nice (almost mint) Maverick 250, a KRIS Mach 3B, a Johnson 223, a Johnson 352, and a few Uniden 510’s and 520’s , also all kinds of different mobile antennas. There is also a spare NIB IMAX 2000, and a never opened but the box is ratty, Moonraker IV, for when I retire (5-7 years) and move to where I can put up a tower.

Keep it up and 73’s
Brian, Tampa FL
American Radio 205

Hey Brian, thanks for the e-mail! Sounds like you have a nice collection, a doorway to Texas (which unfortunately I can't open), and by the sounds of it, we're in the same general age range. I sure did love that E.F.J 352, but I hated the microphone connection on the back end. Also, appreciate the good wishes - for every door that closes, another opens and as long as I'm working where I'm at, I guess I'll be a cave dweller rather than a home owner. Five minutes home and then five minutes back makes a big difference. BTW- your state is now really loud, but be that front that is slowly moving through the area. 73, Woody
It's always nice to hear from everyone, wherever you are, and it's good to get back into the groove of the blog, although like anything there are up's and down's. And it's 3:35 Central time and the skip is still rolling - sometimes hard to hear, and others blasting my speaker. But if you ever get a doorway to Texas, 27.385 is it, and I'm just the 202 portable!

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