Tuesday, November 03, 2009

"HEADS UP....."
Just a quick FYI - I noticed that the ex has some more radios up on ebay and there are a couple 625's. You might ask which one works because I had one that was D.O.A., and I had two good looking Imperials, one worked and one was fried on the inside, so you might want to ask if it works too. Apparently she rates them by cosmetics, so just make sure to ask questions so you don't end up with "A shiny paperweight".
'Nuff Said, Woody
Also (I saw a couple other things), I had one he20T that was DOA and and ugly one that worked. I never got around to moving the working guts into the good looking one, so I suspect that one is the non-working rig, and as far as the microphones, well, I know she doesn't know how to test 'em so at least make sure they have the cartridges inside the head (I had a bunch of semi-to-nonfunctional desk microphones).

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