Monday, November 02, 2009


I intended to have this posted yesterday but we didn't quite finish watching our top 20 "Scary movie picks", but November 2nd is only one day later. Halloween night was a lot of fun and we already had pre-planned costumes ready-to-go!
It's one of the few nights where you can go out in costume without anyone really freaking out, or pointing with funny looks on their face. We went out to a nice place to eat (in costume) and ran across a variety of people who also were in costume. It seemed very normal.
I had to wash my white lab coat (seen in various videos over the years) for my part. At first glance one might think I was just dressed as a normal scientist (if there is such a beast). But when they looked closer at my badge, they realized I was more Science-Fiction, than Science!
I was a scientist from the movie "DISTRICT 9", which was one of my favorite movie picks this year. I guess I threw the waitress a curve ball though when I asked if "Prawns" were in season.
Robin looked marvelous in her beer maiden costume (which is Waaaaay better than any Iron Maiden costume some nut might think of).
And that, was our Halloween - 73, Woody

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