Tuesday, May 21, 2019


SDR (Software Defined Radio) radios are all the rage now, from $30 receive-only-to-very-expensive transceivers. In the very beginning many folks said that SDR wasn't a "Real" radio, but times have changed.

With a small monetary purchase you can buy one of the lesser expensive receive units found on Amazon, Ebay, (and just about anywhere else you'd find radio equipment for sale), but you can also get a feel for what SDR is all about through several Internet locations around the country / world.

I found several sites just by Googling "SDR Internet", and now keep them in my favorites for quick access. Why would you be interested in "Receive Only"? Well, besides trying it out, when band conditions are rather dead I enjoy listening to QSO's and Nets while doing something else in the shack, or, on my tablet while on the couch.

Once, while checking in on a 14.300 net I had a hard time making the Net controls audio due to local interference, but was able to hear him via one of my SDR Web-links easily.

To save you a Google search, here are a couple links:

K3FEF WebSDR in NE Pennsylvania - This was the first one I linked up with. You'll hear 160-17 meter coverage, CW-AM-AMnrw-USB-LSB-FM, with the ability to save certain frequencies and modes so that they'll be easily accessible later.

Northern Utah WebSDR #2 - This site covers 20-6m with a link to the other location which will give you coverage up to 2 meters!
Aside from that you may find that catching up with Nets that were once local to you is fun, and sometimes you run across QSO's that tend to take on a life of their own, day-after-day, and if you've caught any of these on WebSDR's before you may already know where I'm headed - 3885 AM "Late Afternoons w/Clark and friends". (a smorgasbord of topics).
It is no coincidence that several WebSDR sites default to 3885 on AM, with one site in particular giving you a listen, and a chatroom just for that - WebSDR - Radio Engineering, located in Townsend, MA and run by Steve, WA1QIX.
Enjoy your SDR listening!