Wednesday, May 15, 2019


( BELOW - VIA YouTube, VIA "SDR_PLAY" blog, from 2017):

"Testing to see how bad powerline internet connections can be for HF reception.

These devices allow you to use your house power cables as a convenient Ethernet connection for sharing the internet. However they are extremely noisy and can wipe out the entire HF band. Also known as powerline networking and powerline communications (PLC).

Using a TP-Link Powerline Adapter, Wellbrook Loop Antenna and Airspy R2 with SpyVerter to show the spectrum. The last part of the video shows a 20 MHz view in the wide band viewing software SpectrumSpy.

Interestingly it appears that the amateur radio (ham) frequencies are actually carefully notched out and those frequencies remain relatively clean. But international shortwave radio is still wiped out which is bad news for SWL hobbyists. In the video you can see where the ham bands are by the red marking blocks in SDR#.

It doesn't seem that the device is designed poorly, but rather that it simply just uses those shortwave frequencies to transmit the network data."