Friday, November 11, 2005

(a.k.a. - "CB URBAN LEGENDS")

Yep, I should have done this one during Halloween week, my bad....


You've heard 'em, I've heard 'em, hell...we've all heard at least ONE "CB urban legend" in our days. I'll throw out a few and see what you come up with either by comments on this blog, or straight e-mail.


  • LEGEND NO.1 - You have to have your coax cable a certain length, (usually 18feet). This legend began in the early sixties, in my part of the country by the ever popular "Phantom". His theory was that by placing the coax in 18 foot lengths, you could create a Tesla coil effect boosting your output by 500%. The more loops of 18 feet coax you had, the bigger your signal would be. Of course we pointed out that he was the guy who sold coax in our area..... Just kidding. Actually there is a slight truth to this, where this witches brew of coax can help you IF you have a problem with your installation, in most cases, a grounding issue in a car/truck or rf feedback which creates an SWR problem. Otherwise, forget it. Example: I ran an FT-100 in my car and it had grounding issues inside the rig. If I popped on 10 meters I'd get the high SWR warning, and no Xmit. By coiling cable in loops, I was able to use it at times. It was external forces at work that caused the problem. If you have all of your ducks in a row, cut the coax to a practical length...
  • LEGEND NO.2 - (my favorite). I heard this several years ago and it always gives me a chuckle when I think about it - If you have a CB and want more power, take the 3amp fuse out, and put a 20amp fuse in it's place. It will boost your signal tremendously. Of course, this is "Rocket Scientist" thinking at it's best....forget it


Okay, I've given you two CB Urban Legends, so, shoot me (via e-mail or comments to this post) about the ones you've heard!


'Nuff Said


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