Sunday, December 16, 2007

[i.e. - "Divorce of the Common Ham:]
Today was the day I came out to collect my personal belongings, chest, computer desk, etc. and we all tumbled into the two vehicles and arrived in pretty good time. The XYL had put her "I'm happy, let's have a party face" on, and I observed my shack with radios that should be in boxes "out", and so grabbed a poster or two, while the XYL handled various calls from her "Support Group".
Next came the big screen TV and got that on the van. When I got back to the new place we found it didn't work, which didn't surprise me due to a comment made at our last court hearing. Our 32" flat screen will have to suffice until what happened.
The chest was removed and we got that on, but the thought of leaving my radios to potential danger was steadily on my mind. I tried to at least get some of my CB magazines to read, but no, I got the standard answer "I don't care about those but my attorney does - you'll have to talk him directory". Of course, my attorney would do that part. Meanwhile time goes on.
Summary: It's sad things like this have to happen. Even sadder when 2 people can just sit down and and say: "I want this item" what do you want? Then file and get the divorce over as quickly and painfully in the wallet as possible. Having built up a collection of rigs from my teenage years meant a lot to me, but I understand her wanting to hit where it hurts hardest. I am in an a apartment now (no more cheapmotels) and things are getting back to normal (with the exception of the radios of course).
So my friends, 'Nuff Said -

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  1. Best of the holiday season to you.

    Maybe 2008 will be better.

    Mike, VE4MM

    Just got back from Jamaica, VE4MM/6Y5.

    Had almost 1400 contacts. Brought the family. IC706MK2/IC7000/ 2el Steppir.