Saturday, February 14, 2009

"VALENTINES DAY (weekend), 2009"

Valentines Day weekend was very nice this year, making 2 wonderful years celebrating Valentine's Day (something I could not seem to do previously). Friday night was a night out at the Opera, and my mood swings were there as well. I did enjoy the second half of the opera though, and of course, the company of Robin.

Rising up from the underground parking garage, the skies were suddenly filled with hundreds of birds, but by the time I could get a shot, only one swarm was visible.

Having to save funds for Valentines day, there wasn't much spending, but Robin is so creative, when she stopped by on Saturday I received the most fantastic gift I have ever received. It was a small scrap book that she put together for me and each time I read it, I find something new and/or funny (she has a great sense of humor).

I could tell that she spent many hours on this task, which made it that much more special. My e-mailed valentine card paled in comparison to this special book, that I will be sure to read, many times over. I've included a few pictures of some of the pages to give you an idea how much work she put into the project, along with a picture of a rose she gave me, like her, and her book, the rose was perfect!







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