Wednesday, December 23, 2009



Every one's doing it - coming out with their top ten (or more) lists of the decade so I thought I'd take a stab at it. Interestingly enough, I found that I wasted the first seven years of the decade and only had 3 GOOD years to list. Could I do it? Yep.

NUMBER 10: The "Arts". In this decade I got to see my first play, opera, and Ballet (s). I never thought I'd make it previously, but starting in 2007, things took off!

NUMBER 9: Concerts! Steely Dan, Alice Cooper, Green Day, etc.

NUMBER 8: Comedy. It was great to see "Cheech'n Chong" in action again

NUMBER 7: Meeting the stars! I really enjoyed meeting George Romero, Bruce Campbell, Linda Blair, and many others.

NUMBER 6: Horror Conventions. At least 1 a year since 2007.

NUMBER 5: Getting the Hell outta a one horse town. What a relief! After trying to move closer in towards the city, I finally did it - No more 100 mile round-trips.

NUMBER 4: Vacation. Finally I got the rest I needed to fight "Burn-Out"

NUMBER 3: Trips. I (we) went to Las Vegas, San Antonio, Dallas, and Boulder Colorado. I'd been trying to go back to Boulder for about 15 years, but to no avail.

NUMBER 2: Divorce. All of the above were possible due to the simple elimination of someone who couldn't see the forest for the tree's. An escape from a hoarder to be sure!

And finally, the NUMBER ONE pick of great things that happened to me during this past decade:
Robin. Clear headed, intelligent, always dressed-to-kill, funny, and beautiful (there's more but you get the drift).

So how was your decade?

73, Woody

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