Saturday, December 12, 2009


So many things to cover in this post and so little time. But first, sit back and enjoy this vintage video about HAM RADIO!

MAKE magazine's website recently posted their "Hobby Radio Holiday Gift Guide" (click on the icon above). The writer, Diana Eng, is the magazines onboard "HAM" and usually comes up with some interesting articles. I thought several items on her wish list (i.e.- FT-817NR) was a great pick. I'd swap the VX-3R for the rugged (and heavier) FT-60, and would have added an MFJ-259 antenna diagnosic meter and perhaps some sort of antenna tuner or fast charger for either the FT-60 or 817 as a stocking stuffer. While she prefers Universal Radio, I tend to get my HAM gear from HRO (everyone has their favorite dealer). Check out her list and maybe you'll gets some ideas!

Visit the ARRL site for the scoop on the sale of Vibroplex company (click on picture).


Antenna Tuners (ATU's) are considered by many as a necessary evil. Ideally you want your transceiver and antenna to be the perfect match, and in many cases they are if you purchase antennas for every band you want to use. In today's world of antenna restrictions and small parcels of land it can be almost impossible. This is where the ATU comes in. This mystery box (in a variety of sizes) can usually let you operate wherever you want to. But there's really no mystery or magic, and there are some trade-offs (i.e. - "Necessary evil") because to get a good match between the two and have relatively decent SWR (Standing Wave Ratio) you lose some of your transceivers efficiency in order to get a match that lets you transmit without blowing a final. There are a variety of ATU's you can choose from: O.E.M. (mfg, ldg, etc.) also the matching tuner from your tranceivers manufacturer. Many rig's today offer built-in tuners which work in most situations, but have some limitations (covered later), and then there are older rigs which had matching external tuners and unless you buy a complete set from someone, you may have to play the waiting game until one shows up forsale or trade. You can still buy an MFJ or LDG tuner and it will work just as good or better, but most of us like to have a matching set (ed. - because it looks "c-o-o-l", 'Nuff Said). More later....

Well, you've read enough and it's time for a break! If you like QRP (as I do) you'll enjoy this video which was done on "Black" Friday, last month, and btw, I'll be adding a link to their site on this page shortly...


Or, mailbox. My main email unit crashed and the reader emails I planned to use are gone until I get the box repaired. Since then, I've setup a relay to another mail address so I can continue receiving and replying on my email address. If you haven't received an answer to a question - now ya know why.


Many of you are readers from my old CB GAZETTE magazine which I started in 1994. I've run across a variety of issues and will be selling them either per issue or several issues in one lot. It wasn't the biggest, thickest magazine, however, it was the only CB magazine during that period.

I'm fairly close enough to where I feel comfortable to announce that I'm nearing the finish of my book on the history of CB (Vol.1). It will be in e-book form first, possibly printed next. More details as they occur.

That's it for now, Merry Christmas, Woody


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