Friday, October 21, 2005

John Dvorak is a columnist for PC Magazine. "What does this have to do with radios" you ask? (later). Besides reading his 2 columns, I also enjoyed watching his program on ZDTV ("I WANT MY ZDTV").
John has a knack for seeing things clearly - whether it be related to PC's, Politics, etc. and if he were ever to run for president, he'd surely get my vote (along with several co-workers). You don't have to buy PC Magazine to read his work - you can catch it online as well (although I buy PC Magazine anyways). You never know what topic he'll touch on (ed.- here comes the radio part) and just recently he wrote about the effort of HAM Radio Operators during hurricane Katrina. Here's what he had to say:
Inside Track v24n19 10.12.05

By John C. Dvorak
The most overlooked participants in Katrina relief were the ham radio folks. Bush should give them all medals.
Two weeks after Hurricane Katrina, it was reported that over 100 Internet networks were still down in Louisiana, as well as another dozen elsewhere that had been in the path of the hurricane. So much for the notion that the Web is impossible to kill. Hard to have an Internet with no power! WiMAX and other solutions are useless, too, though I suppose a generator would be useful for WiMAX. Whatever the case, the most overlooked participants in the Katrina relief effort were the ham radio folks, who were doing whatever they could as ad hoc emergency dispatchers, creating their own network within the system. These dedicated persons pride themselves on their ability to do worldwide communications under adverse conditions, and the ARRL (Amateur Radio Relay League) and its members, as well as others, were a big part of the aid effort. Of course, since amateur radio is anything but trendy in today's Xbox, gene-splicing world, there was zero coverage of its contribution in the mainstream press, and these people are not the world's greatest self-promoters. At least some of us are paying attention. Good work, guys! Bush should be giving medals to you all.
All I can say is - "Thanks John"
'Nuff Said

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