Saturday, October 22, 2005

Just a quick reminder: When perusing EBAY make sure you know what the shipping cost is. I just ran across an auction (took a few minutes to stop laughing before I could type) where the fellow is selling a new Turner RK56
For a BUY-IT-NOW price of $10.00
[is your spidey sense tingling yet??]
Shipping is $30.00
'Nuff Said...

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  1. Hahah, I know what you mean! I bought a Realistic SSB mobile on Ebay a while back for a "Buy-It-Now" price of 27.95. The shipping costs weren't stated, but I figured they would probably be around $15.00.

    WRONG! The guy charged me $25.00 to ship the dog-gone thing to me! AND the thing didn't work when I got it!

    Oh, it was in mint condition as advertised, but it didn't work even though it was advertised as working.

    I think that all it needs is an audio chip. It has a "GRE" board, and they are famous for eating audio chips.

    As you say, you've got to be careful, careful, careful...