Saturday, October 08, 2005

(and make it reliable)
Much to my surprise, I picked up a used Uniden Grant LT. Surprised because I thought that I'd never buy one because I don't care for radio equipment made in China (nothing against the people of China, it's just that their quality control S-U-C-K-S). But the price was right (cheap) and thus came surprise No.2 - it wasn't made in China, but in the Philippines!
Other than the layout of the knobs (I prefer the clarifier closer to the left side of the front panel for easy access while driving), I found this version of the Grant quite likable, and yes, I'm looking for reasons to drive at night just so I can see things better with the illuminated panel!
Dave Hall wrote me about the E.F. Johnson 351 and how it looked a lot like the SBE Sidebander II, something I'd noticed as well, and I'd still like to get the story on that model - Did they slap an EFJ tag on an SBE box as a stop gap until the 352 came out? And why did they (EFJ) make their SSB rigs (352, 4740) so hard to open up the damn clarifier??
'Nuff Said for Saturday!