Monday, September 14, 2009

Just an update regarding iTunes9: Robin called me and said that after she installed it on her notebook it would not import songs off a CD anymore. She'd get an error and then iTunes would shut down. I talked her through a System Restore, and guess what? it wouldn't restore (where previously it had). So I asked her to bring it over when she came by on Saturday and I looked at it and tried un-installing/re-installing and getting the same result. Sure enough, System Restore would not work.
Finally I found version 8, and after un-installing 9, installed it with success. The problem she had with version 9 was solved, but her system will not Restore any longer. My first thought was that iTunes9 somehow corrupted the Restore function, but my pc (where Restore once worked) has the same Restore problem, and that began about six months ago. I'm wondering if one of the many Microsoft "Updates" somehow broke System Restore? Anyways, she's happy to have version 8 back on her notebook, while the loss of XP's System Restore still remains a mystery...

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