Saturday, September 05, 2009


Well, nothing like posting an un-finished post! What you read just before was my rough draft, but mistakes happen and I hit the PUBLISH key instead of the DRAFT key. In "LAND OF THE GIANTS", the crew of the "Spindrift" (a name suggested by Kurt Kasznar / "Alexander B. Fitzhugh") is travelling to London from another location on Earth via space when they run into some turbulence, which seems pretty funny now as the turbulence begins as thunder and lightning - in space. Very soon after they are pulled into a white hole, the controls of the ship return, and they make their landing (thinking it's London). But no, it's a world filled with giant everything - as if they had shrunk. The character Fitzhugh plays a poor version of "Dr.Smith" from Lost-In-Space (another Irwin Allen Production), with a young, smart, older-than-his-years boy version of "Will Robinson".
It worked to a certain extent, plus the show started out in color when shows like "Lost In Space" began life in black & white. If you were lucky enough to have a color TV - it was great!! (The only oddity to the color television was my Dad's attempt at achieving perfect color. He had a color bar chart and there was one station that would display the same exact chart and my Dad would fervently adjust the colors to get as close to an exact match as possible).
So we never knew what happened to the Spindrift, it's crew, and passengers, just like we never found out if the "JUPITER ONE" from Lost-In-Space either made it to their destination - or back to Earth. And what about the "INVADERS"??? Did the Aliens win? Did the "Seaview" (Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea) ever complete THEIR mission? And finally....did the "Prisoner" ever escape that Island?
These are questions that will never be answered. So, what was your favorite show?

NOW, my post is finished - WOODY

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