Monday, May 17, 2010

From TonyNap1 on YouTube, this 7 minute video encapsulates "DAY ONE" and as I didn't go, a video was much better than reading about it. As I mentioned in a early post, some of the online dealers had online Hamvention specials; some good - some mediocre. Like last year, GIGAPARTS seemed to have the best prices on select radios [although unlike HRO or HAMCITY they charge for shipping], and like last year, the rigs with popular pricing sold out fairly fast. They had the lowest price I'd ever seen on the Yaesu VX-6R Tri-bander for $209 [HRO PRICE: $249 w/free shipping] and a good price on Kenwood's TH-480SAT @ $869 which sold out fairly fast. One other good deal I saw on their site was the Yaesu FT-950 for $1229, and it's now back to it's regular price of $1349. I checked out HAMCITY's website on Thursday to see what special pricing they had on Yaesu products, but there wasn't anything so good that you'd click that "AD-TO-CART" button.
Locally, 10/11 meter band conditions were great, but not-so-great that it was too noisy, allowing me to make a QRP contact to Ohio, but being QRP [I think I was at 2.5 watts] it didn't last long. The weekend was busy in other respects but I still had enough time to make reservations for next years HAMVENTION - it will be interesting to see how well I follow through with those plans.

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