Sunday, October 16, 2005

How many times have we seen this on an Ebay auction? For instance tonight's latest "RARE" item was a Uniden Madison. How many Madison's have you seen this year? "RARE" is an over used catchword used by many to lure you to the Buy-it-now. "RARE" is Soooooooo over used that it desensitizes us to the word, thus truly rare items like the Metrotek "Space Station" are overlooked.
I was scanning some new listings and ran across several "WOW's" (i.e. - Great old Uniden Grant WOW!!) and began to wonder about it's origin, and came up with a couple ideas:
One of EBay's first "Urban Legends", that placing "WOW" in an auction listing is based on the first person who put this in an auction (believed to be sometime in the early 1700's) and the next seller who saw it was compelled by demonic forces to add this "WOW" tag in their description line before 7 days were up......or else the slimey wet hands of debt would reach out from their computer monitor and, well, you get the idea.
Someone wrote a book on how best to attract sales and probably wrote something like: "In order to attract customers and increase sales, add a "WOW" to the first or last part of your description line. The unaware auction surfer will see the "WOW", get excited and purchase your item within seconds".....WOW! I guess it works because I got really excited writing this part!
EBAY THOUGHT No.3 - "Peaked and Tweaked"
OMG, there are too many things to say about this but usually it means "Ask a lot, and I mean a LOT of questions":
What do they mean by "Peaked and Tweaked"?
Who did the "Peaking" and "Tweaking"?
If it was a shop, why whould someone spend $30-$50 for a tuneup only to sell the item for $30-$100??
Was the modulation limiter clipped? if so, move onto the next auction because this is probably the worst thing anyone can do to a CB (next to having (ugh) an internal echo board on a SSB rig.
More on this later....
'Nuff Said,


  1. I usually overlook a CB if it is advertised as "peaked and tweaked." To me, this means at the very least that I will have to spend about an hour at the bench with my oscilloscope, frequency counter, etc. undoing what some "tech" with a mod guide and a pair of snips and a screwdriver has done.

    I've often wondered who came up with the idea that the poor radios needed any adjustments to start with. It has been my experience that most of them are adjusted adequately from the factory to start with. Why not just keep the radio stock and clean? I guess you can't watch the Blackcat meter do the "swing" if you do...Sheesh!

    I do think lots of the CB techs have a good scam going with their "peaking" prices. Unfortunately, it does the radio no good.

    Of course I have no problems with clarifier mods if done correctly. That mod is actually needed!