Thursday, July 16, 2009


How many rigs do you have to own to talk on-the-air? ONE.....

Yep, you can (normally) only talk on one radio at a time, so why are "Radio Collectors
" (ed. - aka "nuts") so obsessed with having a shack with 3,4,5,15 different rigs?? I suppose it could be bragging rights amongst the locals, or nostalgia, and perhaps it could be love-of-the-design.

People who love older cars usually don't buy one, and when they buy several it's not the same car - they have a love for the style and quality of that era (whatever era it may be). The same is true for us rig loving operators whether you're a CBer or HAM (ahh...another thing the two groups have in common). I got into it so much that I had too many rigs; in fact, so many rigs, I couldn't even display one tenth of them. That my friends was just too much.

When I published the CB Gazette, I'd ask for "Shack/Collection Photo's" and received a ton of 'em, and many collectors had their collection of radios very organized and neatly displayed. I was just looking at them the other day (trip down memory lane) and I wonder how many of these collections are still intact, and sadly, how many of their owners are still alive. As I am now, I like a few classic CB's around just to spark a memory or three, but otherwise my rigs are now amateur (HAM) radios, because I have a greater selection of bands to choose from and with the Sunspot cycle being what it is, I can use all the help I can get.

While we're on the topic of "NUMBERS", it's a sad picture at the right of the sun with ZERO sunspots. Remember though, if the one that energized our airwaves last week holds up (and maybe gets BIGGER), we should see some improvement on Wednesday of next week!

Keep your fingers crossed (ed. - but not your power leads!!)



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