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For those of you who started reading this blog first, instead of my website, I guess I should point you to a spot on my website called "Nuff Said", which was started before blogging started. It's pretty much like what you find here, and goes back many years....and while I'm at it, I may as well point you to a couple great external sites:


When I wrote about finding used books via Amazon, I completely forgot another great source that you might find equal to or better; it's a site called alibris, and they also have a wide network of new and used book sellers (not to mention movies, music, and more). I've used this site to find not only radio related books, but any other book I once read and thought I'd like to have on the book shelf. Their network of book dealers sometimes overlap Amazons, and sometimes with surprising results. I remember one time doing a search for a book title on Amazon, then going to alibris, and finding the same exact seller - but with a lower price! Anyways, keep it in mind when searching for reading material.....


I'm not sure if I've ever made a list of certain hyped up rigs that I didn't like, and if I did, excuse the repeat; but here's the top 10 "Rigs-O-Shame" that have for one reason or the other (and sometimes the same reason) disappointed me:

  1. G.E. "Superbase" - flashy looking, bright lights, crappy adj. channel rejection.

  2. Midland 13-880b - A common theme amongst many Midlands is that whatever frequency you're on, you can hear all 40 channels.

  3. Midland 79-290 - Ditto

  4. Cobra 148F-GTL - Who'd have thought they could have designed a solid-state Siltronix drift-0-matic?

  5. Midland 13-778 - I owned 3. None of 'em worked. Good idea, but something went wrong in the design.

  6. Cherokee CBS-1000/Eagle Tomahawk/Cobra 2010 - 'Nuff Said

  7. RCI-2950 - Turn knob to go UP and it goes down. Turn knob to go DOWN, and it still goes down...and talk about front-end overload!!

  8. Kenwood TS-140 - Those stupid slide controls.

  9. SBE Console V - Flaky

  10. Alinco DX-70 - The only rig I've ever owned where the NB actually increases the noise level.


If you've done the fan mod on an FT-100, or even if you haven't (the rig is getting on in years), you're probably wondering what to do when they fail (ed. - because when they fail, that little rig will be headed for a meltdown). Here is a source for as-good-or-better replacement fans: Mouser Electronics, P/N - 433-SP401012H. I'll bet you're cringing at the thought of how much $$$ you'll have to fork over, but dry that sweat from your brow, they are only $3.95 each.


"This is the rig of my dreams. I really wanted one of these as a kid, but now I've got to let it go" = As I've gotten older and wiser, I've learned what a piece of junk it is. (ed. - Oh....that so sounds like a Siltronix drift-0-matic)


I ran across this site while surfing the Web and thought it was worth mentioning - Hell....I'm thinking of having one done for the blog! Anyways, check-it-out....


While I'll be around making a post or two, I know many of you are going somewhere for the holiday weekend and (sniff-sniff) won't be able to check into my Blog until you get back. So for those who are braving the traffic and gas prices, we wish you a happy and safe fourth of July (just don't forget to come back to Woody's blog when you do). Those who remain steadfast, do not fear - another posting is sure to be near.......


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