Monday, July 20, 2009


I was poking around Ebay over the weekend and saw a few ads that read "VINTAGE 80's CB", and my first thought was:
"MAN, are they 2kc's short of center slot"
But then it hit me - 1980 is 29 years backwards!! My mindset has the 80's firmly entrenched as a modern time, not a vintage time. I guess it won't be long before I see "Vintage 90's CB" auctions popping up and it's still very hard to wrap my brain around that one. How 'bout you? Do you ever get the same thoughts or is it just me?


I ran across this auction today for a Cobra 148f-gtl "Drift-O-Matic" am/ssb mobile. Nothing unusual about that - I see 'em pop up every now and again, but I'm afraid my jaw dropped when I saw that the Buy-It-Now price was (ed. - brace yourself ):
I'm not kidding, check it out for yourself - AUCTION.

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