Monday, August 24, 2009


This month is a special month here at "WoodyWorld", because of some "Guest" writers, who have stopped by (Digitally) to share some knowledge with you. For you fervent former fans (FFF) of the printed "CB GAZETTE", you'll remember I had several guest writers appear in each issue. First off, we have a review of the Robyn SB-540D by Todd Evans! If you recall, I mentioned (a column or two back) that this was one of the rarest rigs on the market - and about a week later, 1 showed up on E-BAY! Take a look at Todd's review and I'm sure you enjoy the information he shares with us!
Last, but not least, is a great "How I got into CB" piece from the other side of the world - Japan! Please stop by and read JMB-505's story and by all means, feel free to send me YOUR story too! New secton - coming soon - Woody's Amp Page! Yea...I know they're illegal, but everyone's run across an amp at one time or another, and maybe you knew someone who owned one of these [DISCLAIMER - these aren't pictures of amps, I've owned, only ones I've seen on the 'net] .

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