Saturday, June 06, 2009


Sunspots are down, the economy is down, and you know what that means - Used radio prices are down. For those of you who can, or who are smart enough and can, it's best to hang onto those pieces because from what I've seen there seems to be no bottom to the used rig arena. For those who can afford it, this is a great time to buy!! A year and a half ago you couldn't find a Kenwood TS-850sat WITH filters for under $900-$1000. Today you have a hard time finding a buyer at $675. And the Ts-850 is one of the best NON-Digital, NON-Menu'd Rigs around. won't find DSP, but you don't need DSP with this great performer, and there are many other bargains out there.

It bothers me when I see several of one type radio (of recent vintage) come up for auction. This past week I've see at least a half dozen 570's pop up on EBay. Is there a secret self-destruct code that I don't know about? The prices are good, but Woody sez "HOLD" on that stock. Sure, if we had unlimited financing at Robinwood Productions, we'd do a demographic study to determine if more 570 owners were laid off than other particular model number rig-runners; but alas...we don't. Any 570 owners out there having problems?

I think you know what I'm going to say here: Yaesu FT-101 series Transceivers. These wonderful beasts seem to maintain their value no matter what the economy is doing. Prices remain firm in the $250-$400 range. Unless you really find the one you want, you might be better off buying something else that will jump up in value when the tough times let up (and then make a profit). Of course, if you've read anything I've written in the last 15 or so years about the 101, you know it holds a nice memory (several actually) in that shack in my heart. And if a giant EMP hits the world, well, they'll make a much better defense weapon than an FT-100/D as you drop them from the walls of your well stocked fortress onto the wall climbing Zombies below.

Regarding EMP's: There is nothing like having an 'ol "Hot Water 101" in the closet for the unexpected (with a good supply of replacement tubes).


GigaParts, an online retailer of computers and ham gear had some FANTASTIC (if not varied) pricing during the Dayton Hamfest. I checked in each day to see prices jump up and down like a freakin sine-wave. I may have missed a few low points, but I saw:
  • TS-480SAT's (100w) for less than $900, and HX's under $1k
  • FT-857D's at-or-around $630 (with remote kit)
  • FT-897D's under $700
  • FT-817ND's around $500

It was really crazy. The actual week of the 'fest the prices were a tad higher, and kept climbing up to where they are today (now cheaper at HRO due to free shipping). I wonder how many of you bought some, just to resell later? I would have if I could have....


Prices are waay down here folks. If I had control of my collection I'd hang onto them until things improved (but as you know, I don't). Even my old General MC-11a which fetched around $250 was well below it's value. Whoever got that - got a DEAL (ed. - and with all that was sold, the "ex" will REALLY have to work!! That's a lot of stuff to get out and shipped). Basically, if you have the $$$, it's a good time to buy the real collectible rigs. When things improve, they'll rebound, and in time - increase.

I still had to come up with the dough to pay for the labor on replacing that stupid battery cable in "Moby Dick" (the new S.O.W. - Ford Explorer), and after getting most of my pre-marriage film camera gear, sold a bunch to put towards some repairs (ed.- Yeah....I know Fix-Or-Repair-Daily).


As promised, here's the picture of Alice Cooper and me. This picture is VERY ironic because I was sicker than I've ever been (couldn't even talk) and he was glib and very funny. Somehow the picture doesn't appear that way....

Well, I've wasted enough of your EBaying time with a mixture of topics. Hope you enjoyed it, and can pick up on some good deals!!

'Nuff Said



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