Tuesday, October 06, 2009


"R.M." wrote me the other day asking "What about "Johnson's", I thought they were popular", and so I figured it had to do with the website end of things, who knows, maybe something got screwed up (it's been awhile since I've done anything on it). That's when I remembered, he was probably looking under my A-Z list and didn't see anything under "J".

Of course, it's the E.F.Johnson Corp. and even I forget that sometimes. So I replied and and pointed out where the pictures I had were and mentioned that I was honest-to-GOD going to update the site with more pictures. This also got me strolling down memory lane, and why some of us collect....

My first Johnson was the Messenger 124 Base-Station rig with a BIG meter, minimal amount of "Bling" and one hell of an adjacent channel rejection. I have one sitting to the right of my desk at this moment, and every time I look at it, memories come flooding back in.....THAT'S why I collect. As I approached driving age my 2 choices were the E.F.J. 123, or 323 - somehow the simplicity combined with quality just pulled me towards them. I think I liked the 123 better for some reason.
But when it came down to picking my perfect mobile (and by that time I was into SSB), there could be no other choice than the Viking 352. It was the coolest rig I'd ever had in a car (and the car I had it in was a 1976 MG Midget; not a lot of space). I had one, maybe two, but the Vultroll (the ex) has them now. Nonetheless, just seeing a picture of it gives me some great DX memories that I wish I had recorded!! I don't know why they put the microphone connector on the back of most of their transceivers, but it was sure annoying - especially running mobile. When the 4740 (352 w/40ch) came out I felt sure that it would be corrected, but sadly I found that it too connected to the rear of the rig, although I finally found one on Ebay that had been modified with the microphone connector on the front
But that's why I collect - instant memories! What about you? For the same reason? or perhaps to get a rig you always wanted but couldn't afford back then (ed. - "Guilty"). I guess this kinda ties in with that thin boarder line of collecting and being a "HOARDER", but that wasn't the reason I wrote this post, it was thanks to "R.M.'s" email that got me thinking backwards in time....

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