Thursday, October 01, 2009


[But it all won't be about divorce]


I got a few good jokes via the in-box today and had to pass 'em on, so let's start right now!

  1. A woman went to a lawyer and asked "I wanted to know if I have grounds for divorce"? The Lawyer scratched his head for a second then asked, "Are you married?" "Of course", she replied...The Lawyer glanced at his bank balance, then looked up at her and said "Then you have grounds".

  2. The lawyer talked endlessly with the lawyer or the husband of his client and finally came up with good news. Mrs. Soozo, I have succeeded in making a settlement with your husband that is eminently fair to both of you.... "FAIR TO BOTH", she exploded, "I could have done that myself". What do you think I hired a LAWYER FOR????

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